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Los Angeles Wedding Chapel

Our Faith Based Wedding – Outside of the Church 

As a bride-to-be in the Los Angeles area looking for a venue can be time consuming. If your vision is to have a spiritual ceremony with a modern feel, consider Albertson Wedding Chapel.

white red and blue museum on green grass

Give Them The Gift Of Experiences

I don’t know about you, but growing up I didn’t visit different museums or dine at fancy restaurants just to eat chicken nuggets with my parents. That’s just me…but that won’t be our son. This covid era has definitely had us move different because we are always wanting to stay safe and be careful, butContinue reading “Give Them The Gift Of Experiences”

person with smartphone and wristwatch in bedroom

How Setting The Tone When You Wake Up Can Affect Your Mood…And Others

I saw a post on one mom’s story earlier this week and it triggered some thoughts in my brain lol. The quote said something along the lines of instead of waking up and checking your phone, stop thank God for being alive, share a moment with your spouse and have a moment of gratitude. ItContinue reading “How Setting The Tone When You Wake Up Can Affect Your Mood…And Others”

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