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A Mom Reminder…

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom like myself or a full-time working momma…sometimes we need a reminder on what we need to do for ourselves. I will give you a perfect example…my fiancĂ© had to go out and run errands, after he got back I was planning to leave to run errands as well. WhileContinue reading “A Mom Reminder…”

How To Stop Expecting So Much From Your Kids And Yourself

There’s no doubt the amount of pressure so many of us are feeling can be overbearing and overwhelming at times. Especially during these weird, constantly changing and sometimes confusing days. It’s also natural to put pressure and set expectations on ourselves when we have our minds set on doing something, accomplishing a goal, or solvingContinue reading “How To Stop Expecting So Much From Your Kids And Yourself”

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