You Want Me To Do What???

This can’t be life…Oh Snap, It Is!

Ok, so let me first say, I am sure my blog will be all over the damn place. I won’t be going in “order of events”, thoughts or anything else for that matter. I just write in the moment, because that’s what I do best. When I need to vent or express something, writing is a great way for me to communicate my thoughts best.

Do you remember the week that you were told everything would be shutting down do to the Covid-19 outbreak? Do you remember what you were doing or planning? If you do, damn I am jealous because your memory is better than mine! I might need to make sure to add some ginkgo biloba to my diet because I don’t. I honestly feel like it was all a blur. One minute we were going about our normal lives, and then the live news conferences with the governor and the mayor became more and more frequent to cover the increasing cases. And then it was announced we had curfews. CURFEWS?! I’m a grown ASS woman being told I have a curfew now? This has to be a joke. We are really not hearing this on our news station…They really want us inside, at home, and are shutting down stores to make sure we have NO where to go.

Yep…that just happened. The government just told us we are officially shut the f*ck down. They want us to stay in the house. Not do anything. No parks, no malls, no stores, no nothing. Alright well, let’s figure this out now, is what I was thinking. It’s not going to last long so we will make the best of it and enjoy more forced family time.

In the beginning it was fun. We had board games, movie nights, dinners together at the table and not in different rooms, it was nice. The first couple of weeks that is. And then it started to set in more and more the impact of Covid-19. Schools were shut down so in the beginning I was still commuting to work since I was deemed an essential worker. My fiance, being in the entertainment industry, had more flexibility being his own boss and was able to stay home and make sure our 2nd grader got his school work done before I came home. It was manageable…for a little. Of course I was freaking out having to still go to work, not fully understanding Covid-19, and the way people were contracting the virus, and trying to make sure I was protected with a face mask, gloves and hand sanitizer.

We were seeing the times changing right before our eyes, and our son was seeing history on a whole new level. On top of curfews, everyone was flocking to the stores buying up all the toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, noodles, meat, milk and eggs. Sh*t, this is cray. This is getting out of control and I am ready for it to be over. But, as you already know how the story goes, it was far from it.

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A boy momma that stumbled on to an amazing community of other mommas across social media platforms that are positive, fun, supportive, uplifting and entertaining! My new song out now Mommin' My Own Business is the perfect mom anthem for all of us that can relate in some way, shape or form.

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