How To Get Them To Let My Kid Go Back To School!!!

No, really, we need ya’ll to open something up for these kids!

What the french toast are we suppose to do? The government and state workers that are keeping schools closed do realize not all parents understand what the heck these kids are being taught in class these days right? No…that would be too damn simple. Do they have kids so they can understand where we are coming from? They can’t possibly understand that WE parents DO NOT understand this new way of math. Literally there are ten million steps to get to an answer that we could have easily done in two steps. And you know what my dumb a$$ was doing…I was going back and forth with an eight-year old on how to get to the answer faster. And he kept confusing me because he was explaining to me what has been taught to him. I can’t be mad at that. I can be frustrated with the process though. But I cannot be mad at him explaining how to solve a problem the way he was taught. At least he’s listening to his teacher right?

And why is it that they seem to have work that’s never ending? Am I the only one that feels this way? Art has become more of a chore than fun, I feel like instructor is disconnected and is thinking these 3rd graders can draw like a 6th grader with the assignments they are given. It’s all just too much for a kid, shoot better yet for a parent! Then factor in a mom trying to hold on to whatever tad bit of sanity she has left while picking up around the house, preparing lunches and dinners, taking the dog out, catching ups with other moms in between times, and somehow fitting in a bathroom visit (alone). Yeh, sounds exhausting I know. And if this is what you are living with everyday, I am just preaching to the choir.

We just want some sense of normalcy for the kids. Ok, we want some sense of normalcy for all of us! I tip my hat to moms with multiple kids, I really can’t imagine how I would do it. And to think of the moms that have to do it and work from home. Literally my brain is fried like a broiled egg with the amount of strength you have each and every day to push through. There are moms that have no support, yet somehow they put on a brave face, continue to give all the love and support to their children while having no answers to when they can feel a sigh of relief. One kid is already enough to guide through virtual school each day, put on a mom hat, janitor hat, cafeteria hat, coaching hat, and all the other hats I am forgetting right now. We need a break from what we are not use to, what we didn’t go to school for, what we didn’t sign up for, what we are confused about, what we want to just end.

As I sit here typing my thoughts, I have one ear and all eyes on my laptop while using the other to listen in on the virtual class that’s going on to make sure our boy is listening and not getting distracted or even trying to complete other assignments he shouldn’t be focused on because he’s trying to rush through everything to have iPad time. It’s a constant work in progress. I can almost guarantee he’s going to come out 5 times to tell me something he can wait to tell me after he’s done with virtual class. But that would be too damn simple.

We need schools back open. Our kids need the consistency of being in class and listening to teachers that have a passion for getting 20 plus kids to all listen and do what they say at the same time. It’s truly a talent I wish I had. But I can’t even get one to do what I say on command most of the time. I am not trying to be insensitive to the current state of the pandemic, so please don’t take this that way. This is literally just a mom venting about being forced to figure out how to teach instead of being in an office without confusing math, complicated art and constant chatter throughout the entire day with no break. I’m exhausted just writing my brief thoughts on wanting the normalcy of school to return. Is that a realistic possibility at this point, I am sure it’s not, but a mom can dream right?

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