How To Utilize Your Momma Time Wisely

The pandemic has not made being a momma any easier. It’s created more challenges for most, not only physically but mentally, financially and socially. Just with my own journey, the pandemic has changed my position from a working mom to a stay at home mom. And this wasn’t something that we feel like we had sufficient time to plan out. It was almost a forced decision due to schools still being closed and the need to evaluate what would be best for our family. I can only imagine how many other families have similar stories.

The pandemic assisted in the cultivation of my vision for wanting to start my own blog and merchandise created for mommas alike. I have a creative mind that sometimes takes me in too many different directions, but this spoke to me in a unique way. Unique because I was experiencing it first hand and me being the Virgo I am, wanting to document and remember it in some way. I like wearing hoodies and sweatshirts and having apparel that speaks to what I really feel, so why not put some totally relatable thoughts on merch other mommas might appreciate.

I started finding that while I have all the time in the world being home now, I was still having some challenges on some days not feeling like I was as productive as I could be. And it has been frustrating. I am the hardest on myself so why is this happening, there’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be able to hold down the house, tend to our son, dog, make sure my fiancé is good, clean, cook, manage bills and build my brand at the same time…right?

Read that over again a few times and see if you’ve been that way. Doesn’t it sound like a lot? I think us mommas put a lot more on ourselves then we tend to acknowledge. And honestly, I think that’s normal. I think it’s just something that’s built in our DNA. But I think in being this way we tend to get in our own way and sometimes hinder what we are trying to accomplish. I haven’t mastered the art of managing my time, even being a stay at home mom, but I am definitely finding ways to utilize it better and wanted to share some of my ideas with other mommas.

Keeping A Routine Written Down In A Planner/ Calendar – This doesn’t mean sticking to exactly what you list out every single day 5-7 days a week. I am thinking more on a hour/hours block. I will give you an example. In the morning when I get our son up for virtual school, I give myself a 2-3 hour block to focus on house tasks, then another 2 hour block to focus on my brand building, then a 2 hour block for errand running or anything outside etc…make sense? I do write down specific to-dos that I might have but I try to fit them into the window time frame I carve out for myself. Of course there will be days I don’t always do what I say I will so I will just move that to another day.

When The Kids Are On Virtual Learning – This is usually when I do light housework around the house because I never know what to expect when class is in session. I use to try and write or take calls, but that wasn’t realistic for me because I would get interrupted by a kid that needed help with logging back in, not being able to hear etc. That got annoying so just decided making sure dishes are done, baseboards are wiped and things of that nature is better at this time.

When The Kids Are On FaceTime or Gaming With Friends – During this time I can guarantee that I won’t be interrupted because he will be occupied socializing the only way he can right now due to stay at home orders. In the beginning of the shutdown and the pandemic, I definitely was trying harder not to allow so much screen time, but it’s hard! Everyone is stuck in the house. So, now when his iPad is ringing I am secretly cheering inside my head, because as long as they can stay online and chat they will. During this time I will make any calls I need to (joke bc I don’t have any to make), I will focus on my brand during this time since I am less likely to have my thoughts interrupted which is amazing!

When You Are Taking A Bath – I love this time because it’s quiet (for 5 minutes) haha! I usually take this time to reply to emails that aren’t urgent, check social media handles and listen to something that helps to calm my mind. I create so much noise in my own head I think sometimes this is more necessary than even I acknowledge.

When You Are In The Kids Room – There are a lot of times I have just started taking my laptop in the room with our son. Sometimes he literally just wants my presence in the same room (I have learned from the ignoring) so, now I try to make use out of sitting in bed with him just to watch him on his iPad, or while watching tv. It may not last long, but some times it’s totally worth it.

When Everyone Goes To Sleep Or First Thing In The Morning – I am not the only one to suggest this strategy I know. And, I am also not the one to always do this. But, I will say that on days I can commit to this it does help me utilize my time better. If I am up earlier then the rest of the house I can use the quiet to focus on my brand or do something that wouldn’t be realistic once the house is up. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, I try to commit at least one or two times a week to do this. It helps me and I am sure it helps a few other mommas.

I am not a professional that can give you verified information about how to structure your days. I am just a momma constantly learning myself day to day on what’s working for me and what’s not working for me. I hope my ideas work for another momma too!

Published by The Expressive Mom

A boy momma that stumbled on to an amazing community of other mommas across social media platforms that are positive, fun, supportive, uplifting and entertaining! My new song out now Mommin' My Own Business is the perfect mom anthem for all of us that can relate in some way, shape or form.

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