Managing The Momma Mental

My thoughts and tips on getting through

I am not sure how many of my posts will sound similar to another I have already touched on, but my blog and posts are meant to just vent and express my thoughts and moments in hopes of connecting with another mom in a similar situation, or that can even just relate and has been there before. Staying home and being a mom is already a lot for us. Throw in the ongoing challenge of Covid-19 and the pandemic keeping certain things limited, or in some states, completely shut down, that adds a whole other layer to a SAHM.

SAHMs haven’t been praised as much in the past as they are starting to receive now since the pandemic. Now, other parents, and maybe even some judgy working moms, are less judgy and more compassionate with SAHMs because we aren’t just sitting on our peaches drinking wine while the kids are being perfect angels. We don’t have it easy. We aren’t just shopping and hanging around doing nothing. We are constantly doing something, taking care of someone, and cleaning up something. That can take a toll. Not just physically, but mentally. I’ve been writing about this and reading about this since becoming a SAHM. It’s freakin crazy!

I find myself constantly trying to figure out how to mange the mental challenge of becoming a SAHM during the pandemic. There are so many new layers that SAHMs haven’t been faced with before. And there are a ton of resources that are there to help new SAHMs, but not new SAHMs due to a pandemic. I desperately search every day online looking for resources. I know not everyone has the same challenge, not everyone is in same situation, but I still don’t see tools and resources that are beneficial for our current events and challenges. And that might not be something us new SAHMs will have anytime soon because we are in fact, in the process of going through it. So, right now, I think it’s more so about how we are personally are managing our mental. And with this post, I wanted to share what I am doing and will continue to do.

These are a few things I am doing to manage my momma mental:

Talking to my spouseI don’t know how many other mommas feel comfortable doing this, but it gives me comfort when I am able to just take a moment, and have my love take a moment and just listen to me. He hears my concerns, wipe my tears, embraces my fears and offers me hope, comfort and love during my most vulnerable moments. Never does he discredit any emotions or thoughts I may be having. He is always offering his support in any way he can. Sometimes he knows and acknowledges he can’t do anything in that moment, but if there is, he will be ready to do it. During Covid-19 and the pandemic, this support means the absolute world to me. I think it’s the most important thing to have while facing being a SAHM during uncertain times. The support of the provider and protector of your household is the most important aspect and will help, even when you don’t think it will in a moment.

Talking to another mommaOur schedules are more crazier now then they have ever been. Working mommas have less time because they are home and trying to juggle the craziness of home duties and working in between and at the same time. Stay at home mommas have become playmates for kids that can’t go see friends because of school shut downs and stay home restrictions. All mommas are facing something new, leaving less time to socialize with fellow mommas and friends we were use to seeing and talking to. But we must make time when we can. Whether it’s 5 or 15 minutes, just to speak to someone that feels your pain, your gripes, your frustration, can give you a sense of comfort even if it’s for a moment. If you can’t call, text, if you can’t text but find yourself on social media then send a message. There are too many ways we can communicate now in days, especially when talking on the phone seems impossible because we have screaming kids and loud animals in the background.

Finding something little that makes me happyWhen I am having a not so great day, sometimes I need to just step away. Sometimes a store run will help me get a breath of fresh air and regroup and gather my thoughts. I love flowers, so sometimes I might grab some for myself. Or, if I’m in the house and don’t want to go anywhere I will just put on some earbuds and listen to a playlist that can change my mood. Shopping online isn’t really practical for me right now since our stay at home orders make it to where it doesn’t make sense looking for new clothes. A good stand up comedy is something else. Laughter always is a good thing. Especially during the days and challenges we face, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Sitting outsideWe aren’t in our dream home just yet, but we have a nice spacious balcony that offers a different vibe that’s calm and quiet. Thank goodness for neighbors that seem to be gone more than home, and in a community that’s smoke free. Having good chairs that can recline back is also a bonus.

What are your mental managing moments? Please share! I want to know, I want to try. I know it’s so clichĂ© to say but we mommas are really all in this together. Let’s continue to find ways to inspire, encourage, support and lift up.

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A boy momma that stumbled on to an amazing community of other mommas across social media platforms that are positive, fun, supportive, uplifting and entertaining! My new song out now Mommin' My Own Business is the perfect mom anthem for all of us that can relate in some way, shape or form.

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