Keeping Busy As A Stay-At-Home Mom

Where to begin. This is an interesting one for me to talk about because I am still going through my own process of keeping busy as a new stay-at-home mom. It was very unconventional the way it happened, and of course, because of the pandemic I am not the only one that sacrificed working full-time to stay home and help our son with his virtual learning.

Of course there are a lot of days where the school work takes up most time during the morning and afternoon, but then after that it’s like, what to do next? The stereotypes of stay-at-home moms are real, and it’s crazy because before becoming a SAHM, I didn’t really know too many moms that stay home and personally I didn’t think about it much, or judge the situation. But once I became a mom that stays home full time, I can say that the judgement is real, the feelings and emotions can suck, but as a mom, and a wife or spouse you still have to keep moving and focus on your number one priority which is your family. Some might just assume you sit around and do nothing, or you’re just shopping and online. It’s pretty interesting, to say the least. I was a working mom for so long, so I will always have empathy for working moms. And as a stay-at-home mom that’s blessed to be in the position where we are, I have empathy for other SAHMs that get the side eyes and judgment at times as well because they are fortunate and blessed to be in the position they are in. For working moms, I believe they are blessed to have a job because there are so many that don’t and are struggling. For stay-at-home moms, they are blessed to have someone that loves and supports them and their family enough to want to bust their butts working for what they have and what they are working towards.

The challenge can be at times, for me being home is…what to do next?! Days when school work gets done fast, or even on the weekends. As a SAHM you have so much more time to just hear all the noise in your head, think and overthink, come to have ah-ha moments and even frustrations. You pace back and forth some days because you are tired of cleaning, doing laundry and asking if you can get anybody anything. The struggle can be real. FOREAL.

At some point during the beginning of my pacing days I began to wonder what more do I want to come from me being home all the time. I had to stop and really think about my wants, passions and things I love. I wanted to find my individual purpose in my new role. It took a little bit, but soon I realized my need and want for a connection with other moms was first. That lead me to the cultivation of my blog (thank you for reading) and even mom-inspired apparel I have started creating. So, now I am starting to map out my days…sometimes hours, and I feel like I am able to channel my antsiness a little bit better. Here’s just some ways I do, and maybe it might spark something that motivates you to do during your days.

Finding Another Part of The House to Clean – What mom doesn’t get tired of cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, kids rooms and master bedrooms. It can be a headache or just something we want to put off because we do the same thing all the time! I started going through old jewelry and accessories to clean out, discovered things I forgot I had and started getting excited to use them! I know…it’s the little most random things that can be exciting lol.

Reusing Things In The House For Other Purposes – I just found this to be my new thing. Valentine’s Day just past and I really wasn’t ready to let go of the balloons the boys got me. Since I am always trying to create content, either for my page or the dogs page, I decided to take the balloons and use them as a backdrop. I loved it! Pics came out super cute, so now I am using my time to look around our space and see how it can be added value for content. Plus it’s something that isn’t cleaning haha!

Carving Out Time To Send A Message – Communicating goes both ways. With the way things have been going in the world a lot of us are consumed in our own thoughts, our own issues and our own fears. We still should keep in mind that keeping in touch with people is equally important. Can we all do better at it, I know I can and will admit, and it’s not always easy, or we may have the best intentions but suck at execution, however it’s about trying. And as a new stay-at-home mom that’s what I am also incorporating into my days, trying to do a better job of reaching out even if it’s just a text or email to say hello.

Educating Myself On Something New – It’s been some months but to me I consider myself new to being a SAHM because it’s a big adjustment. I was working a regular 9-5 job, sat at a desk and just did the same thing in an office every day. My fiancé is (and has been for most of his life) an entrepreneur, so his work mentality has been different from mine. Having multiple businesses gives him a hustle mindset on a whole new level I have never experienced. He is a risk taker, where I am typically more subtle and cautious. But, I will say since the pandemic and becoming a SAHM, I have opened my mind to the financial world (investments & generational wealth) in a way I never thought I would (him either lol)! It’s nice to see that being open and being willing to learn more about an industry I have been scared about could be not only interesting, but profitable 😊

Hula-Hoopin It Up – These kids today don’t know what I knew growing up. It wasn’t Roblox and Minecraft, it was hula hoops and hop scotch! I have a weighted hula hoop I purchase online and love it! The dog barks when I do it, it’s fun for me and a little exercise at the same time.

Every day is a new day to make it better than the day before. It’s not always easy for me, especially being new to staying home all the time, but I am constantly trying to find ways to elevate myself, expand my knowledge and also have fun and not be in a boring routine.




Published by The Expressive Mom

A boy momma that stumbled on to an amazing community of other mommas across social media platforms that are positive, fun, supportive, uplifting and entertaining! My new song out now Mommin' My Own Business is the perfect mom anthem for all of us that can relate in some way, shape or form.

9 thoughts on “Keeping Busy As A Stay-At-Home Mom

  1. I feel for SAHM, it’s not something I feel I have the capacity in me to do but everyone has their own struggles whether you work from home or SAHM or working outside of the home! Perspective is everything! Great tips and good luck!! 🙂


  2. Finding stuff for the kids to do doesn’t usually seem to be an issue for me. Getting the housework done AND watching and helping the kids with school work seems to eat up so many hours of the day when my hubby gets home and the house is a mess he wonders what Ive been doing all day long! I guess that’s what we get for having different work hours. He works construction hours and I “work” school hours mostly these days with the kids.


  3. I was your typical working mom and then the pandemic hit and im now home. I love having this opertunity to be with my girls but I’m ways wondering what to do to keep busy and teach my girls at the same time. Iv also decided to start a blog to document my new journey ( Im glad to see im not the only one.


  4. I just became a SAHM after moving to a new town in February this year. Been working for 13 years so this life is new to me but I’m due with a girl this august and it’s been such a change. Definitely gonna try that weighted hula hoop cause it seems like a lot of fun! Trying to get out more and not be cooped up in the house.


    1. Welcome to the new life Jess! It’s definitely still an adjustment to me and continues to be…and congrats on the baby girl! You will be one busy stay-home momma 🙂 I love the weighted hula hoop it’s so much fun!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I found this SO interesting, because I’m actually coming at it from a different side. I actually get TOO BUSY, even as a stay-at-home mom that I actually don’t always make time for my kids like I should. (I just wrote a blog post about it). 🙂 I love that you’re being mindful of keeping busy in your home, and I’m probably going to need to reflect on your list in the next few months. Ha, ha! I feel convicted to not be so busy outside of the home so that my kids have more of my time. But I hadn’t really processed the fact yet that my brain may take time to catch up to the slower pace! So thank you for all the thoughts and an awesome blog post!


    1. Thank you for sharing!! You know, us mommas always try and do everything all the time! We are amazing in our own ways…and we sometimes forget to give ourself grace. I will definitely have to check out your post! I do try to be mindful, and I do think with my stay-at-home situation it’s interesting because our son is back in school so I do get some time to take on my tasks and be ready for him after. We are always trying to find and readjust our balance…thank you momma!!


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