How To Get Your Mindset Ready For Summer Break As A SAHM

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Doesn’t it seem like just as fast as schools opened for in-person learning it’s already closing down for the summer! In my head I’m like NOOOOOOOO! I need you to stay open little bit longer haha. I know that’s not everyone’s thoughts, but for us, we have a 9 year-old only child, with a dog he loves sometimes and sometimes he ignores. When he went back to school he said he surprisingly was happy because he was able to see his friends in person. And that’s the part I will already miss for him. Along with the school setting, I feel, that makes it easier for him to concentrate and focus in compared to being home having ten million surrounding distractions.

That’s just me…I’m sure for some parents they are excited because it will make it easier to plan family vacations, road trips, and family reunions. Yes, I am excited for those times too, but I am still kind of in the twilight zone of blinking my eyes one minute and seeing the world shut down, then blinking my eyes the next minute and being the mom to help with assignments I barely understood, to blinking again and doing drop off and pick ups at school….and NOW, blinking into the summer days.

How are we suppose to keep up with the constant changing that’s happening all around us?!

Well, after taking a few deep breathes, a lot of time without writing a blog (as you can see) I have my own technique of how I am preparing for summer break being a SAHM.

  1. Talk to other mommas to get summer activity ideas. Sometimes I forget all the different activities there are for kids, and other moms are a great resource so use it!
  2. Call a relative. For those that are fortunate enough to have family members that aren’t far away, make sure you are reaching out, scheduling time, and maybe even dropping off for a few hours to give yourself a needed break. Don’t forget to show your appreciation with maybe lunch, a small thank you gift or some flowers to put a smile on their face. I am a firm believer in doing things to show appreciation.
  3. Plan Play Dates in advance. Theres nothing better than knowing what you have to get done right…same goes for knowing when the kids can get together and have in-person play time (with proper social distancing activities of course). I’m sure just as it’s exciting for you to know, it’s something the kids can look forward to so marking your calendars in advance is the way to go!
  4. Think Outside the Box. Summer break usually means a lot of pool and beach time. This summer my fiancé and I are making an effort to introduce our son to fine dining restaurants, nice museums, suits and fancier things. We want to expose him to things we weren’t necessarily exposed to that we enjoy doing now. Why you might ask? Well, he loves nice things just like we do first of all. Second, we don’t thing we should have to find a sitter or do these nicer things when we don’t have him, we want him to appreciate it young so when he gets older he’s not trying to figure it out then. As long as he’s showing interest we want to help elevate his knowledge. Etiquette, style and manners will come from the household, not from our school so we are committed to helping him grow. And what better time to do it than in the summer when there’s no school to work around.
  5. Talk to your significant other! This is super important to me because even though I am a stay-at-home mom and my fiancé is financially holding down the household, he is still always making sure I am good with what I am doing. So when I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to plan things to do to stay busy with our little guy, he’s there to offer some thoughts as well. Not only is he there for me, but he’s always making sure to take to time so we can do things as a family and he can do things one on one with our son. Our system works for us, so make sure your household is finding a system that works for you.
  6. Sounds redundant and repetitive on a lot of blogs….but take time for you too! You are going to have a lot of time with your kid (or kids) to do fun summer activities, take trips and visit places that are finally opening up. But do not forget to stop and take a moment for yourself. Sit at the beach and take it in, be poolside with a book and your thoughts…I am not going into an office every day, I am not doing hard manual labor in the working world, but being a SAHM can be a lot mentally and physically at home because a lot of times we feel we need to constantly be doing something. It’s ok to STOP! Remember that mommas 🙂

I hope everyone has an amazing summer break! With the world starting to open back up, people feeling more comfortable being out, we mentally and physically need it. For ourselves and our youth. Don’t forget to follow my IG and Facebook for constant annoying reminders, vents and funny videos!

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