What’s Going To Be New To You? Or The Old New You Want To Bring Back…

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Of course it’s this time of year that comes around and everyone is trying to think of resolutions we sometimes complete and sometimes don’t. It might not be intentional, but it’s just the way we are. At some point, genius (being sarcastic) came up with the grand idea that us as a society needed to proclaim to everyone before the new year came around what we were going to do different or work on. And to me, with everything going on in the world I honestly think that’s the last kind of pressure we need to be adding to our mental.

But…since that’s what we do, I guess I will entertain it with a blog focused on what the topic of New Years resolutions and things we want to change or bring back. However, for my post, for obvious reasons, I will be mentioning things related to stay-at-home moms and what I have read and heard that other moms want to do going into a new year. So here you go…here’s a compiled list of what fellow moms like myself would love to see or bring back.

  1. Find a social life balance. As a SAHM there are plenty of posts and articles that talk about how fellow stay-at-home moms feel lonely and disconnected from the rest of society. Yes, this feeling is real, and it can sometimes be unexplainable because you aren’t necessarily alone in the physical sense. You have your kids and your spouse at home with you at times. But then there is an underlying feeling of loneliness that takes over as well. It’s not always easy, and unless you have been in the position or are really interested and have compassion for a mom you know in the position herself. The only way to help with this is creating a sense of balance by becoming social in some way. And if your circle is small or not close, set up FaceTime calls where you can chat and catch up with a glass of juice, wine or coffee.
  2. Being patient with yourself. This is way easier said then done, especially for moms home all the time. But it’s absolutely necessary. And when you feel it’s hard for you to do alone, talk to someone that will help encourage and support you.
  3. Find a damn hobby…and fast! As a SAHM there are so many reasons you need to find a hobby. When your kid is at school you can only do so much cooking and cleaning. When your spouse is at meetings, dinners, networking you are lonely and you mind is going. When you have nothing going on and you see your friends and family out, dressed up, flexing online and you are in pajamas….YOU NEED A HOBBY. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get it together. Even if it’s something small, once a month…whatever it is.
  4. Remove yourself from anything that’s negative for you. And that literally means anything. If there are people around you that aren’t helping elevate you but will bring you down, remove that. If you are constantly seeing things on social media you don’t like and you don’t agree with, remove it. If you are putting yourself in situations that make you not feel good, remove it. Only keep what makes you happy and keeps you at peace.
  5. Get dressed girl! The smallest gestures and actions can make the biggest difference. This is definitely one thing I learned this year…if I want to feel good on the inside and outside I have to put in the work. I don’t think a momma has to get fully dolled up every single day, but I do think little things like putting on mascara or even changing out of leggings and putting on a cute top and jeans can help.
  6. If there’s something you miss…bring it back! Sometimes I find myself saying things like “I miss just laying in bed and cuddling” or “I feel lonely” I stop to think of what I can do myself to change it. Give you an example…If I’m jumping out of bed to start the day, get the house going and getting in the robot mom mode, there’s no opportunity to have cuddle time. I think everyone at some point is guilty of jumping up and getting on phones and cleaning and cooking and neglecting the spouse time that is definitely just as (if not more) important to nurture and take care of. The way we wake up says a lot and sets a tone, so those little moments I miss, I can help bring back by being aware of it. The same goes to missing girlfriend time, I am just as equally responsible for reaching out to my friends as they are. All relationships go both ways and should make efforts.

These are just some small but important tips and thoughts that might help change this year from last years overall tone.

Happy New Year to all my fabulous mommas!!! Let’s rock this year 🙂


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