The Power of Creative Expression

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Moms, let’s talk about creative expression! As a former educator, I’ve witnessed the significant impact of creative expression countless times. Children learn, develop critical thinking skills, and find ways to articulate their thoughts and feelings… all through creative expression! But did you know that the same holds true for adults? We live in a society that places so much focus on work and productivity, that we have forgotten the importance of creativity and simply having fun. But having fun will allow us to be more productive at our work, which includes taking care of our homes and families. But we’ll talk more about this later…

What Is Creative Expression?

If you have small children at home, chances are, you probably have a large collection of paintings and drawings all over the house. That’s because since children have limited communication skills, one of the easiest ways to express themselves is through art and creativity. It’s a whole other language! Creative Expression is our ability to use our minds and imaginations to create something that uniquely represents who WE are! I like to think of it as our inner child coming out to play. Through music, poetry, cooking, photography, dancing, etc.… we’re able to authentically express ourselves in ways that may otherwise feel uncomfortable. 

Prioritizing Our Creativity

So what is your creative outlet? How do you authentically express yourself? What makes you unique? Because those are the things you should make more space for in your life. As a child, writing was my outlet. I wrote poems, stories, songs, and more… anything that allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in my own unique way. I found writing to be both, self-soothing AND enjoyable. As I became an adult, with so many things competing for my time and energy, writing got pushed more and more to the side. Eventually, although I had a stable career and a loving family, I started to feel as though something was missing from my life. I came to realize that I wasn’t prioritizing my creativity enough. You see, writing wasn’t just a hobby. It gave me my very own sense of identity. Through writing, I could separate from my roles as wife, mom, caregiver, teacher, etc.… and just connect with my inner self. When I begin to include writing back into my regular routine, I felt less burned out and more excited about my day. I was able to work and serve my family from a place of strength, instead of lack. 

Here’s a few benefits of Creative Expression:

Enhances our mood

Relieves stress

Reduces feelings of depression

Gives us a sense of purpose

Increases our focus

Improves the overall quality of life

So I ask you again… What is your creative outlet?! And how are you prioritizing it??? For me, there are some days when the dishes, the laundry, and the cooking all have to wait. I’ve learned that sometimes “pleasure” is the most productive thing I can do for myself and my family. As moms, we sometimes feel guilty for putting our needs and our pleasures first. But creative expression is a necessary form of self-care. Whether it’s early in the morning, late at night, or if you have to get the kids involved … don’t postpone doing the things you love. Get creative!

Featured Momma- Sheenia Denae

I’m a devoted wife, girl mom, and educator turned homemaker.  After teaching for over 11 years, I decided to care for my family full time.  I’m now a part time freelance writer, creating blog posts and articles for businesses and individuals in my spare time.  My hobbies include cooking, reading recipes, and hiking with my family.

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  1. Love this! Yes creative expression is so beneficial in child development!! Teaches well beyond using their imaginations!!


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