How To Be A Fun Boy Mom

There was never a manual presented to me when I had my son. I had no idea what I was in store for as the years past. For the longest I never had to worry about him getting into things, tearing down the kitchen, being covered with baby powder or anything of that nature. Fast forward to today and I am hearing all the gross stuff, including the fart and burp jokes, the body part giggles and on and on. Regardless of not understanding all of this, I am still always trying to stay connected and continue to try and have fun with him.

My goal with him is to always have him respect my boundaries as his mom and his parent, but also know we can have fun and laugh together. With that being said, I just wanted to randomly look up some ways to stay having fun with a boy and I collected a few I wanted to share. Let me know what you think if you are a boy mom, and feel free to share your tips!

Being a fun boy mom can mean different things to different people, but here are some general tips that can help you create a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your boys:

  1. Embrace their interests: Boys tend to have different interests than girls, so take an interest in what they like, whether it’s sports, video games, or superheroes. Try to learn more about their hobbies and find ways to incorporate them into your family activities.
  2. Be playful: Boys have a lot of energy and love to play. So, get down on their level and engage in play with them. Whether it’s playing catch, building a fort, or having a dance party, being playful can create a fun and memorable experience.
  3. Encourage outdoor activities: Boys tend to enjoy being outside and being active. Encourage them to get outside and explore nature, whether it’s going on a hike, playing in the park, or going for a bike ride. These activities not only promote physical activity but also can create fun and lasting memories.
  4. Plan special outings: Plan special outings or trips with your boys, whether it’s a trip to the zoo, a theme park, or a sporting event. These special outings can create fun and memorable experiences for both you and your boys.
  5. Be open and communicative: Boys may not always express themselves the way girls do, but it’s important to create an open and communicative environment where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. Take the time to listen to them and engage in meaningful conversations.

Remember, being a fun boy mom is all about creating a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your boys. By embracing their interests, being playful, encouraging outdoor activities, planning special outings, and being open and communicative, you can create a fun and memorable experience for your family.

Published by The Expressive Mom

A boy momma that stumbled on to an amazing community of other mommas across social media platforms that are positive, fun, supportive, uplifting and entertaining! My new song out now Mommin' My Own Business is the perfect mom anthem for all of us that can relate in some way, shape or form.

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