Ways To Be A Fun Boy Mom

No one prepared me for being a boy mom. I didn’t know what to expect, what to think and what I would need to do to get through the day to day activities and challenges. If you notice anything about my writing style and storytelling, I tend to focus on the present and future. That’s just what I like to do because it brings me joy. Having a very active and energetic tween has been fun, surprising and full of adventures.

From tag and hygiene, to friendships, from PS5 to playing outside, I truly enjoy every moment we get to bond, talk, vent and just enjoy each day we have together. Being a 42 year-old can have it’s challenges when it comes to keeping up with the energy, and I am sure I am not the only one! Soooo…here are a few thoughts on ways we can stay connected to our boys and have fun at the same time! Yes, we are their mom and they should (and will respect that) and there’s nothing wrong with connecting in ways that will be enjoyable for them as well.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can be a fun boy mom:

Get active: Boys often have a lot of energy, so finding activities that allow them to burn off some steam can be a lot of fun. Consider going for a hike, playing a sport indoor or outdoors, or even just running around in the park.

Get creative: Encourage your son’s creativity by providing materials for him to create with, such as art supplies, building blocks, or even just cardboard boxes and household objects.

Play games: Boys often enjoy competitive activities, so consider playing board games, card games, or other types of games together. We love all the versions of Uno.

Get outside: Spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun for boys. Consider going on a nature walk, having a picnic, walking to the store together or just playing in the backyard.

Have a movie or game night: Sometimes it’s nice to relax and unwind together as a family. Consider having a movie or game night where you can all snuggle up and enjoy some quality time together.

Make homework a game: Homework these days are so much more detailed and elaborated then from what I remember. I know that our little one enjoys math but art not as much, so when things come home me asking him to show me how he does a math problem or us competing to see who gets the answer first makes it more entertaining.

Regardless of what activity you choose to do with your little one, the most important is making sure you set aside time to give them your undivided attention and enjoy and laugh with them.

Share your thoughts with me on some things you do to have fun with your son!

Published by The Expressive Mom

A boy momma that stumbled on to an amazing community of other mommas across social media platforms that are positive, fun, supportive, uplifting and entertaining! My new song out now Mommin' My Own Business is the perfect mom anthem for all of us that can relate in some way, shape or form.

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