I Am Me…

Who am I??? To be honest, I think sometimes I am still trying to figure out haha! I am one of countless moms that sacrificed a full time job to be home with our son once the pandemic shut down everything (including schools). Fast forward almost two years later, I am still blessed we are in the position we are where I can stay home and nurture and care for my husband, son and frenchie! I am a true boy mom!

I feel the urge to connect with other moms in similar positions. Positions of trying to find the strength to get through the the good and challenging times. Moms that don’t know how they will do it some days, and others they are just grateful to be with their families. Moms that have days where they just want to scream and cuss, and days they want to ball up and ugly cry in a hot bath with no kids or animals waiting outside the door. We are all in this together mommas! Let’s keep pushing through with positivity and power 🙂

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