SAHM During A Pandemic

This is some serious sh*t Some days are easy, literally a breeze. I just smile and feel productive and accomplished…And there are days where I’m not myself, I question myself, my identity, my teaching skills, my cooking skills, my house maintenance skills…every skill involved with being a Stay At Home Mom I question. I startedContinue reading “SAHM During A Pandemic”

How To Get My Kid To Eat More Than Pizza And Chicken Nuggets

Do You Know The Secret? PLEASE SHARE LIKE RIGHT NOW! How and why do we allow our kids to become picky a$$ eaters? I am still trying to figure this out eight years later. In the beginning I was great with purées with different foods and vegetables. He ate pretty much everything I put onContinue reading “How To Get My Kid To Eat More Than Pizza And Chicken Nuggets”

I’m Not Judging You…I’m Judging Me!

Why do us mommas…better yet, women, judge ourselves so harshly? I was literally sitting in the tub, and was hearing nothing but complete silence. Sometimes this is Amazing because I feel like I can actually hear myself think! Other times I am completely useless, I’m not going to lie. Ok, back to the point ofContinue reading “I’m Not Judging You…I’m Judging Me!”

How To Get Them To Let My Kid Go Back To School!!!

No, really, we need ya’ll to open something up for these kids! What the french toast are we suppose to do? The government and state workers that are keeping schools closed do realize not all parents understand what the heck these kids are being taught in class these days right? No…that would be too damnContinue reading “How To Get Them To Let My Kid Go Back To School!!!”

Depressive Moments Made Me Do It

Yep…We Got A Dog! *Let me preface this by stating I am not a therapist, psychologist or doctor to be able to diagnose being depressed, and I use the term loosely with my post. I have not been diagnosed as being depressed. I am stating feelings of depression and sadness due to the beginning ofContinue reading “Depressive Moments Made Me Do It”

Covid Got Me Feeling Emotions

Do you feel like you get frustrated easier now then before the pandemic started shutting everything down? Are you more emotional? Do you feel like screaming when you feel like you aren’t understood? Do you try to hide around the house and still haven’t mastered getting a few minutes of peace? Am I the onlyContinue reading “Covid Got Me Feeling Emotions”

Do They Ever Stop Talking?

No, seriously, I need to know if kids EVER stop talking? Because all damn day I have to listen to him talk, ask questions, crack jokes, say disgusting things and get on my nerves!I do want to make it very clear before I continue my venting…I love my child with all my heart, everyday thatContinue reading “Do They Ever Stop Talking?”

And Just Like That, Promoted To A Teacher (Not by Choice)

I’ve had my hand at trying new things, but to be honest I never did I imagine I would be interested in writing a blog to connect with other moms. I was working a full time gig, while focusing on launching a new clothing line for families, on top of spending time with my familyContinue reading “And Just Like That, Promoted To A Teacher (Not by Choice)”