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Who Is The Expressive Mom

Hi! I’m Nicole, better known to as The Expressive Mom. I am one of countless moms that have sacrificed a full time job to be home once the pandemic shut down everything to be with our son.

I love connecting with other moms in similar positions. This is how The Expressive Mom blog was cultivated. I was seeking to understand a whole new world I wasn’t familiar with, I wanted to build a community of supportive moms that just got it. Positions of trying to find the strength to get through the good and challenging times. Moms that don’t know how they will do it some days, and others they are just grateful to be with their families. Moms that have days where they just want to scream, maybe ball up and ugly cry in a hot bath, or days they are happy and full of joy and want to shout and share in all the goodness with other mommas! 

We are all in this together! We tend to put a huge weight on our own shoulders sometimes by constantly taking care of and thinking others before ourselves, so my vision with my blog was to create an environment that is non-judgmental, positive, fun and supportive. I love dancing around the house, being honest about being a 40 plus year old trying to keep up with a growing, energetic boy and figuring out how to keep my sense of self while staying home. My goal and mission with The Expressive Mom is to create a space where all mommas can come and feel connected.

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom/wife, I have done marketing for various organizations with over 12 plus years of experience, and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I am to say the least very expressive in my own way and I enjoy projecting that for others to read and view on my blog!

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