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Don’t Be Discouraged Momma!

Us mommas get discouraged from time to time. It’s always nice to know we aren’t alone and it’s ok to have the feelings we have.

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Make Mother’s Day What YOU Want!

Celebrating Mother’s Day with all the moms pushing through and holding it down!

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The Power of Creative Expression

There is nothing more powerful to see than women supporting other women. I am honored to be able to share my platform and uplift and support other mommas that are like-minded like myself. My guest blog post featuring the beautiful Sheenia D. is one you don’t want to miss!

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What A Momma Wants…

Let’s talk about what mommas miss and want…it’s time to normalize normal feelings and thoughts.

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Repost From Fellow Blog Momma Olivia With Leaf and Steel

When mommas come together and share thoughts, views and support anything is possible! Check out my fellow sahm Olivia and her blog post on Lessons From Stay-At-Home Moms.

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Stop Looking Back Already!!!

Looking back isn’t always best…and when we want to focus on the better version of ourselves we must keep in mind others may not appreciate that.

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Never Be Ashamed Of Being You

When women start to glow up some women don’t like it…How to navigate the unwanted opinions of others is never easy, but necessary.

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Hi Miss Understood!!!

How many mommas are misunderstood daily? How frustrating can it be, especially when it’s coming from a genuinely good place of intent? Of course I am sure there are times when it can come from a place of not being genuine, but that’s not what I want to touch on in this blog. I wantContinue reading “Hi Miss Understood!!!”

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Feeling Bad With Our Own Moments

Us mommas have to learn our emotions are ok to have!

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The Exhaustion Of Social Media

Why do I feel like the older I get the harder and harder it has become to stay up to date and current with the constant changes of social media??? Am I the only one that seems to struggle with this? I feel like I am moving like a turtle and the algorithm changes, trendingContinue reading “The Exhaustion Of Social Media”


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