Our Faith Based Wedding – Outside of the Church 

Los Angeles Wedding Chapel

Being spiritual and attending church is something that our family does regularly together. It keeps our bond strong, is great for our son to see and experience and is what matters to us. 

When we got engaged (pre-covid), we didn’t know the challenges we would face during the planning process but that didn’t discourage us. We knew somehow, some way things would work out the way they were meant to work. We did have to adjust to the new LA County restrictions due to the pandemic, but then again everyone did so that’s no surprise. When we found Albertson Wedding Chapel we fell in love with the style, décor, the great personalized attention and most of all the accommodation. 

The thought of going to a local county clerk just didn’t appeal to us. And there were local churches that weren’t having weddings due to the pandemic either. Albertson Wedding Chapel proved to be more than just a chapel. They accommodated our faith-based wedding by allowing us to bring our own minister (who happened to be the grooms brother) to marry us! If that isn’t accommodating, I don’t know what is. Not all wedding venues allow outside options, but they were so flexible and respectful of our wishes it made us feel like we mattered. And just a side note, they can also provide a Christian or Catholic style wedding ceremony per your request!

When you think of having a faith-based wedding most automatically assume it will be in a church and (some) might go on longer than some would prefer. Albertson Wedding Chapel allowed us to have our pastor marry us in an intimate setting that worked for us and we didn’t feel rushed or pressured to adjust for any reason. This was the best decision we made when we booked with them.

For any bride-to-be looking for an alternative to a traditional spiritual wedding in the greater Los Angeles are, you would do yourself a disservice not to consider (and book) with Albertson Wedding Chapel. The flexibility, accommodations, friendliness, attentiveness will exceed your expectations and as a bride that experienced it first hand I will say we couldn’t have been happier being able to focus on each other, our union, our close family and friends and leave the rest to the professionals.

Tips for your faith-based wedding

  • Speak to your pastor about the time frame given by the chapel to ensure the focus stays on you and your groom and not too far off
  • Make sure you know if you are saying your own vows or using the structure from your minister
  • Ensure any and all paperwork that needs to be signed is done before the ceremony

Reasons to have your faith-based wedding at ALbertson wedding chapel

  • A church may be nice, but might be a little outdated for what your vision is now…
  • At Albertson Wedding Chapel you don’t have to worry about decor, videographer, photography or assisting your guests. You can focus on making sure you and your groom are enjoying your day
  • The various packages Albertson Wedding Chapel will accommodate any couple and their budget


My special day at Albertson Wedding Chapel

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